SEO Audit Service

SEO Audit for Small-Medium Sized Businesses

The Ultimate SEO Audit Service
That Tells You Exactly How to Rank

Hi there, marketer, writer or entrepreneur. 

Let’s look at where you’re at right now…

You’re happy with your website. You’re clear on what product or services you offer. You understand your audience.

If only you could rank on search engines and get more traffic to your website. Wouldn’t that be just the cherry on top of the cake? 🍰

The problem is, SEO seems a bit mystifying. It feels impossible, especially if you’re up against some tough competition.

So you continue to invest a lot of time in social media and you’re probably spending money more on ads than you’d like. 😣

You may have even tried hiring an SEO agency before but you didn’t get the results you wanted (it’s a bit of an iffy industry so we’re sorry about that!) 🙄

What you need is a clear action plan for SEO so you know exactly what to do. Without all the technical jargon that comes with it.

Drumroll please...

Introducing Our SEO
Audit Service

Our SEO audit service tells you exactly how you can improve your website and content to get better rankings.

No, we don’t just use software and generate a report (we’re looking at some of those unscrupulous SEO companies here 👀 )

We actually take the time to evaluate your website.

We evaluate your website in five key areas, telling you exactly how to improve in each area:

1️⃣ Technical SEO Audit 

2️⃣ On-Page SEO

3️⃣ Keyword Rankings

4️⃣ Content Review

5️⃣ Off-page SEO

What Do We Do
As Part of the SEO Audit?

1. Technical Audit

We want to make sure your website is in tip-top condition and performing well, so Google views it favourably.

We'll run a technical audit of your website and, most importantly, tell you if there's anything you need to fix (and how you can fix it)..

2. On Page SEO

It's important that each page on your website is optimised correctly, otherwise little ole Google will get all confused.

We'll look at your web pages and examine how well they're optimised and tell you exactly how to improve them. Because we're nice like that.

3. Keyword Rankings

We'll put together a report of all the keywords you're currently ranked for.

We also look at some opportunities to move you up the search results when you're already ranking but not quite at the top!

4. Content Review

Creating content is one of the BEST ways to rank on search engines. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses just don't optimise their content correctly.

So we'll review yours and tell you exactly how to improve.

5. Off-Page SEO

Every backlink to your website acts as a tiny little vote to show Google you're not some shady biz, you are, in fact, totally awesome.

We'll review your backlinks and tell you how to get some more of them. Because they work wonders!

6. Your SEO Audit

Would you rather 1. recieve a scary-looking PDF report full of jargon or 2. a video walkthrough of exactly how to improve your website for SEO (as we go through your website on the screen)?

It's two right? Sorted. We'll also deliver your report on it's own dedicated web page with detailed notes!

What's the Process of
Our SEO Audit Service?

Step One

As soon as you hit the buy now button, you'll be redirected to a short questionnaire all about your business.

Step Two

Once we have your questionnaire, we'll get cracking on your SEO audit. It'll take us 2-4 working days.

Step Three

We'll take a deep dive on your website—doing a technical audit, and evaluating your on-page SEO, keyword rankings, content and backlinks

Step Four

We'll send you a personalised report, breaking down each area and giving you a score. We'll also record a video explaining exactly how to improve your SEO.



Full SEO Audit Service Cost


*VAT may apply depending on where you are in the world 


It’ll take 2-4 working days to put your report together. 

We didn’t want to include a load of industry jargon above, but if you’re interested our technical audit covers things like (but not limited to)…

– Broken links 

– Site speed

– Mobile friendly

– Missing or non-optimised meta descriptions/title tags/URLs

– Website navigation

– Duplicant content 

– Error pages


We work with businesses including (but not limited to)

– SaaS
– Agencies 
– Personal Brands 
– Coaches and consultants   
– Businesses in finance, health and fitness, IT and cybersecurity, manufacturing and legal sectors

Yes, if you want in-depth keyword research with a content plan AND our SEO Audit service, then we offer a £500 discount. So both would cost £1497 (+VAT if applicable). 

Who Are We?

Content Marketing Transformation Programme

We’re Martin and Lyndsay and we’re a little bit obsessed with SEO.

We help our clients increase their website traffic and rank on the first page of Google for their chosen keywords. 

We ‘do what we preach’ i.e. we create content that ranks highly in search results – never trust an SEO company that doesn’t do this themselves!

P.s. that’s us, right there, winning an award for our blog! 😉