Keyword Research Service

Done For You Keyword Research Service

Love Writing Content But
Don't 'Get' Keyword Research?

Well hello, there, marketer, blogger or entrepreneur. 

We know that you write your own website copy or blog posts. And we also that you’re hella good at it. 

You love to do your own writing yourself, but one thing you do struggle with is all that SEO stuff. 🤷🏻‍♀️

You know it’s important. You want your content or website pages to rank on search engines and deliver lots of lovely website traffic.

But you haven’t got the time to learn all about it. And even if you did, keyword research doesn’t exactly rock your boat. 😬

You could hire an SEO agency to help, but that’s a tad expensive and a bit more than what you actually need.

So, what’s the solution?! 😖

Drumroll please...

Our Keyword
Research Service

You need someone who can do all that keyword research and SEO stuff for you!

Someone who can:

✅  Research the keywords and phrases you need to use in your blog content 

✅  Provide you with optimised titles, headings, URLs, and the keywords and phrases you need to weave into your web page copy or blog posts

✅  Give you easy-to-understand training on how to use your keywords and phrases within your content 

You need a keyword research service, so you or your team can create content, safe in the knowledge that you’re doing it right and following a proven strategy that works. 😍

How Does the Keyword
Research Service Work?

1. Keyword Research

We will do extensive keyword research, which will look at exactly what your target audience is searching for on Google.

We'll look for those golden opportunities - keywords and phrases that are realistic for you to achieve while still getting a good monthly search volume

Depending on what you need, we'll use this keyword research to tell you exactly what keywords or phrases to use on your blog posts or website pages.

2. Keyword Report

We'll deliver your shiny new keyword research strategy all wrapped in a bow! With a breakdown of your most popular searched keywords and phrases by volume and difficulty.

We'll then provide you with 12 blog post ideas or 8 website pages, all including optimised titles, headings, URLs. As well as the keywords and phrases you need to weave into you website pages or blog posts (see below for our different packages).

3. Video Training

The problem with getting keyword research results is well, you don't exactly know how to use them.

That's why we'll also give you some training on how to optimise your blog post or web page and use keywords research to maximise your search engine rankings!

This will be delivered by video and include easy-to-understand instructions suitable for complete beginners.

What's the Process of
Our Keyword Research?

Step One

As soon as you hit the buy now button, you'll be redirected to a short questionnaire all about your business.

Step Two

Once we have your questionnaire, we'll get cracking on your keyword research and putting together your fancy pants report.

Step Three

We'll send you your report which will include keyword research findings and exactly what keywords and phrases to use on each post or page.

Step Four

We'll record some training on how to use your keyword research and apply it to your blog content or website copy.



Jammy Blogger Package


For 12 Blog Posts

*VAT may apply depending on where you are in the world 

** We can also provide blog post topic ideas if you’re not sure what to write about initially. 


Sure. If you need someone to go in and edit headings or meta descriptions or weave in your keywords/phrases into your copy, we can do that. It’ll cost an extra £497 and we’ll request this after we’ve created the report for you. 

Of course! We love working with writers. And yes, you can use this service for your clients. We can provide all reports unbranded and easily editable, so you to add your own branding and style. 

You can book an optional power hour call with us as an extra. But, we’ve created this service to make it as easy as possible for you to optimise your content yourself. We’ll think you’ll find it easy-peasy and absolutely love it!

Who Are We?

Content Marketing Transformation Programme

We’re Martin and Lyndsay and we’re a little bit obsessed with SEO and content marketing. 

We’ve helped our clients 10x their website traffic and rank on the first page of Google. 

We also ‘do what we preach’ i.e. we create regular content that ranks highly – never trust an SEO company that doesn’t do this themselves. 

P.s. that’s us, right there, winning an award for our blog! 😉